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The United States cannabis industry continues to grow state by state, and after the House of Representatives voted in favor of removing marijuana from the federal Controlled Substances Act, the American legalization of cannabis is attracting significant attention from investors. The legislation, put forth by Democrats, entitled “Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act,” or “MORE” eliminates cannabis from U.S. federal drug schedules, presently administered under the Controlled Substances Act, although, the bill has not yet been passed by the Senate.

The House of Representatives vote passed shortly after five additional states approved the legalization of medical or recreational cannabis, which means that the drug is now legal in over 35 states.

At least 70% of American citizens now reside in states that permit legal cannabis and 66% of Americans support legalization, according to the results of a recent Gallup poll. Marijuana sales for this year are estimated to be over 19 billion and the industry currently employs over 325,000 workers. Furthermore, a Cowen & Co analyst recently predicted that the U.S. cannabis industry will generate $85 billion in sales by 2030!

Shifts in political policy are changing as more is discovered through scientific study about the uses of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Although it is still a controlled substance under federal government guidelines, the FDA continues to evaluate the apparent benefits that come with using it for medical purposes.

70% of Americans reside in a state where cannabis is legal

This growing acceptance of cannabis in medical and consumer goods has encouraged some of the world’s largest consumer product companies to make billion-dollar investments in the business. Companies like Constellation Brands (Corona beer) and the Altria Group (Marlboro cigarettes) have bought multibillion-dollar stakes in marijuana companies. Many consumer healthcare companies will soon be offering a range of CBD products aimed at the health and beauty sector. Perhaps not surprisingly, “CBD gummies” was the third-most food-related term searched on Google in the U.S. in all of 2018!

Since the explosion of cannabis products will certainly follow national legalization, financial experts speculate on what the industry might look like. Will mega corporations dominate sales with cheap, generic product? Or will consumers demand more boutique brands? States such as California impose a limit on the size of cannabis farms, essentially spreading the benefits of cultivation among multiple players. Other states could replicate that model. Certainly, if high-end consumers demand product from local producers who use craft scale, sustainable methods to deliver unique, exclusive product, the smaller-scale model might prove to be a winning formula.

Our Mission

AUSA’s mission is to become the most recognized and highly regarded global cannabis brand.

Originally an investment group, AUSA has successfully pivoted to become an operating company. Designed to be capital-light, it is positioned to be a meaningful Multi-State Operator (MSO), servicing consumers with a broad portfolio of best-in-class products that resonate strongly with its target groups.

AUSA prides itself on its passion and commitment to its customers, brands, iconic products and exemplary services as well as its team members. Through its majority-owned subsidiary, ALPS, the Company intends to leverage its access to licensed cultivators to obtain access to low-cost, high-quality biomass to fuel the scaling up of its brands, including its wholly owned subsidiary Green Therapeutics and iconic West Coast brand Mr. Natural.

AUSA is an industry leader and well-positioned to take its differentiated and hard to emulate strategic model across the nation. Adept at navigating the abundant opportunities the cannabis market presents, AUSA is defining the new blueprint for the cannabis industry, aimed at generating significant shareholder value. Join us

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