Building A National MSO The Capital-Light Way

AUSA is well-positioned to take its differentiated and hard to emulate strategic model across the nation and become a meaningful market participant on the national stage.

AUSA is a rapidly growing, multi state operator in the U.S. cannabis space. Through its majority owned subsidiary, ALPS, the Company is leveraging its access to licensed cultivators throughout the U.S. to obtain access to low-cost, high-quality biomass to fuel the scaling up of its brands.

AUSA is positioned to be a different kind of MSO (SMSO), a capital light BrandCo servicing consumers across the nation with a broad portfolio of best-in-class products that resonate strongly with its target groups.

AUSA was spun off in 2018 from Aurora Cannabis, one of the leading global cannabis companies, creating an entity permitted to invest in and operate U.S. based cannabis assets.

Originally an investment company, AUSA has successfully pivoted to become an operating company. Through its majority owned subsidiary, ALPS, the Company is designing the next generation of greenhouses, indoor and outdoor facilities across the globe. The Company’s clients not only include some of the best-known names in cannabis, but also include producers of more traditional crops, such as fruits and vegetables. ALPS’ deep experience in operating globally has enabled the Company to be at the forefront of the ESG movement, with new facilities being built from the desert to the arctic, all delivering high-quality produce at very low operating costs.

Through its ownership of ALPS, the Company is executing on a capital-light strategy to scale up its brands across the United States.”

The Company provides the market with high-end designer products across a broad variety of form factors. This includes Tsunami and Provisions, which have won several coveted awards (The High Times Cannabis Cup, Patient Choice and the Jack Herer Cup). The Company also owns the iconic West Coast brand Mr. Natural which is another High Times award winning brand.

On the back of its high-quality products that have high-volume consumers migrating from the grey market into the legal market, our brands have been able to penetrate 60+% of Nevada dispensary volume (capacity limited) and is now scaling up to enter new markets, such as California, , Missouri, Oklahoma, Illinois and others.

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