Innovative Solutions For Highly Regulated Industries

AUSA is a unique technology company offering proprietary unattended hardware and software technology to industries with the highest regulatory compliance standards along with supporting payment and fulfillment services.

Compelling Growth Opportunities

Favorable financial characteristics, demographics and growth opportunities

  1. Recurring & Predictable Transaction Revenue · Exclusive long-term contracts
    · Built-in margin protection
    · Data monetization
  2. Scalable Business Model Driving Favorable Margins · Minimal working capital required
    · Minimal capital requirements
    · Low overhead
  3. Cloud based self-service platform · Surging growth in dispensaries
    · Self-service technology demand
    · Technology solution to retaining labor
  4. M&A Growth Opportunities · Numerous tuck-in acquisitions available
    · Build or buy potential across geographies and customer verticals
    · Capture value disparity between public and private targets

Our Platform

Designed to empower retailers with payment processing and self-service technology.

How to Get Involved

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