Building Cannabis Brands in the U.S.

AUSA looks to acquire and operates U.S. cannabis businesses and brands. AUSA focuses on investments that are accretive, have growing revenues, positive EBITDA with a management team that is committed to disciplined execution.




Compelling Growth Opportunities

In addition to the production and sale of cannabis products, this multibillion-dollar market presents a wide variety of complementary businesses in logistics, technology, product development, branding, research and development, and regulatory compliance.

Managed By Industry Experts

AUSA adheres to stringent acquisition criteria and focuses on significant,  high-quality opportunities with a steadfast commitment to governance and community. Members of the Board and management team have deep experience in highly regulated industries and knowledge of the U.S. cannabis industry. Together, they bring years of experience in regulatory compliance, public company governance, and operations.

How to Get Involved

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