Redefining the MSO

AUSA was spun off in 2018 from Aurora Cannabis, one of the leading global cannabis companies, creating an entity permitted to invest in and operate U.S. based cannabis assets.

Originally an investment company, AUSA has successfully pivoted to become an operating company. Through its majority owned subsidiary, ALPS, the Company is designing the next generation of greenhouses, indoor and outdoor facilities across the globe. The Company’s clients not only include some of the best-known names in cannabis, but also include producers of more traditional crops, such as fruits and vegetables. ALPS’ deep experience in operating globally has enabled the Company to be at the forefront of the ESG movement, with new facilities being built from the desert to the arctic, all delivering high-quality produce at very low operating costs.

Through its ownership of ALPS, the Company is executing on a capital-light strategy to scale up its brands across the United States.


A Different Kind of MSO

AUSA is positioned to be a different kind of MSO (SMSO), a capital light BrandCo servicing consumers across the nation with a broad portfolio of best-in-class products that resonate strongly with its target groups.

A Team of Global Experts

AUSA’s mission is to become the most recognized and highly regarded global cannabis brand.

The team at AUSA consists of pioneers in the space who, while always looking forward, never forget where they or the industry have come from. We honor the real pioneers, such as Bob “Natural” Luciano, thanks to whom consumers across the globe can now benefit from the medical benefits and, in a growing number of jurisdictions, the recreational experience that cannabis brings.

Authentic Products

AUSA is a producer of authentic products, based on a relentless focus on quality. Consumers know that with AUSA’s products, they are getting the best-in class user experience. Operating under the adult use brand AUSA, the Company is an innovator. A trail blazer inventing or incorporating the newest developments in cultivation, service, processing and manufacturing. This results in products that are a cut above the rest in terms of quality and user experience.

The Company’s adult use operations areunder the Audacious umbrella. One of the brands is Mr. Natural, an iconic West Coast brand founded in the 70s. Mr. Natural’s mission is to promote their exceptional, organically produced medicinal cannabis and encourage a healthy balance between the mind, body and spirit.

During his military service in Vietnam over 50 years ago, Bob “Natural” Luciano discovered the therapeutic benefits of marijuana, and his experience launched a life-long mission to educate and advocate for medicinal cannabis.

Tsunami and Provisions (formerly under the GT umbrella) was founded by a group of medical professionals, entrepreneurs and cannabis experts whose prime purpose is to provide the safest, most consistent and effective cannabis products for patients and recreational consumers. They produce a full line of products including top-shelf flowers, extracts and edibles offered in elegant and sophisticated packaging.

LOOS is a new brand, focused on ingestibles. Its first product line, a two-ounce shot with 100mg of THC, is available in California and will be scaled up in AUSA’s other jurisdictions. LOOS also brings an exceptional sales and marketing team, with experience from some of California’s top brands, and that has been responsible for achieving market leadership in the California edibles market for PLUS Products.